Wrapping Workshops

GF Wrapping Workshops

Everyone is creative in some way but don’t always have the chance to show it. My workshops give you a chance to unleash your creativity and channel it into something everyone has to do ...gift wrapping!

I can take you through the basic skills you need and then move you on to more imaginative scenarios .

Open your eyes to the possibilities of upcycling some of your own bits and bobs and using them creatively in your wrapping.

Imagine how good it feels to give a someone a gift that looks too good to be true, too nice to open. They will appreciate the effort you’ve made for their enjoyment

If you would enjoy having a #roundmykitchentable workshop with up to four friends please get in touch to arrange. Each workshop is £100 and can have up to four people, so invite a few friends along. You can expect to have really good fun for two hours learning how to wrap neatly and how to embellish beautifully so your gifts look to good to open! And PS there will be endless cups of tea and even cake!

Read what Lauren Rowe had to say…

"If you've ever wanted to learn how to create Pinterest worthy gift wrapping then the Gift Frippery workshop is the place to be! Amanda is a fantastic (and patient) teacher and you'll get to master a whole range of techniques that will have you chucking out the bottle bags in no time at all! Also, such a lovely way to spend the afternoon with friends, making and creating and choosing from awhile range of fripperies that will leave you gifts almost to good to open."