What’s in your attic?

I was tidying up the other day and headed into the attic. I had ( I’m embarrassed to say) come across a few boxes of Christmas cards that weren’t needed last year and were still hanging out on the stairs waiting for a reunion with the wrapping paper and baubles!!

Moving swiftly on, I got distracted in the attic, and happened upon some wallpaper leftovers that we used when wallpaper was last in fashion and that was 20 years ago!! I’ve noticed some lovely wallpaper in shop displays recently, bright, modern, quirky, beautiful. Pattern is most definitely back!

I popped into a couple of the shops and they gave me offcuts to play with. If you follow @GiftFrippery on Instagram you’ll see my mini series on ‘Wallpaper as Wrapping’. It’s been fun.

Wallpaper is strong so you can get a great wrap especially on bigger items. It varies in thickness and the slightly thinner stuff is easier to get round corners.

So, check out your attic and see what’s lurking up there.

I have The Bristol Curtain Shop and Whittakerwells in Bristol to thank for the paper I tried out.


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