Vietnamese crafts

WOW! How lucky was I to go to Vietnam recently? I fell in love with the place and it’s people. They were welcoming and kind and friendly.

I visited various areas and the traditional Vietnamese hats were everywhere and actually worn by everyone in the sun. The only place you should buy one though is Hue….the hats are slightly different there. You can see the lady making it on the frame and she stitches all around it by hand. In Hue only, though, when you hold the hat up to the light you can see a Vietnamese poem and the pictures that belong to an old  legend. The Hue hats are known as Poets hats. If you passed them on a market stall you’d never know the secret inside. We paid 2 US dollars and actually managed to get them all the way home.

Vietnam HatVietnam Hats2Vietnam Hats3

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