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A goody bag and a half arrived for me to review today!
As well as some dinky cellophane bags and gorgeous satin ribbon which I’ll obviously be using soon, Stix2 Anything sent me some really interesting products.
The mini craft dots are great for embellishments on cards and tags. I was surprised at the strength of them. I experimented sticking some googly eyes on to paper. I reckon they’d be okay for small pompoms too.

All Occasion Gift Dots are clear sticky discs. I felt they could be useful for securing tags, closing bags but probably not as good for embellishments.

Next was the new product! The Stix2 Pick up Pencil. This is SUCH a clever idea for card makers. It’s like a normal pencil but instead of having lead running through it there’s rubbery stuff. It’s not sticky and yet, all manner of things stick to it! Things like sequins, gems etc. Really, really clever….one of those tools that will probably become an essential!

Finally, I played with the Stix2 Anything Tape Runner. I left this til last, if I’m honest, because it didn’t look tempting. Not visually, I just didn’t think it would be useful in my work. Yet having used it, I can say IT IS AMAZING!!!
It will be great for demonstrations when I need an instant neat glue line. It’s high tack, impressively so, it will be great for cards, tags, scrapbooking, mounting photographs and embellishing your gift wrapping! The list goes on!



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