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Perri Lewis chats with Gift Frippery!

Perri is a bit of a legend in my world. Her crafting and handmade love is a lifestyle choice rather than just a hobby. She’s written a book (on my Christmas list!) ‘Material World’. She’s a very busy bee though, a sometimes journalist, author, editor and currently creative director of Mastered. Mastered is an on-demand fashion education programme.

I’m feel very honoured to chat with Perri .


1 Tea or coffee?

Always tea. Usually peppermint. I don’t like coffee, which it lucky because everyone I know is always trying to drink less. 


2 You love everything creative, do you belong to a cool WI or any craft groups?

I don’t! I’ve never had enough time to do something like that. I was always too busy writing about the craft movement than actually enjoying it. 


3 ’The Modern Craft Bible’ was incredibly well received , do you have plans for other books?

Thank you! There’s no books planned just yet, but if I get the right idea I’d love to do another one. Especially a novel. I’ve never understood why people would rather write fiction than non-fiction – there’s so much awesome stuff going on in real life, why make it up? But as my job gets more stressful, I can certainly see the benefits of escaping in to a world you’ve created.


4 There seems to be far fewer male crafters than women. Why do you think this might be?

It’s such a traditionally female activity and the memories of that don’t go away easily. Fortunately there are some incredible male crafters using this to great effect, playing on stereotypes and tradition – think Mr X Stitch, Ben Venom etc etc.

5 Did you craft as a child? What was the first thing you remember making? (I knitted a lime green and coral pot holder for Brownies!!)

I did. I remember making a cross stitched thank you card from a kit my Nana had bought me. The next time I saw her she brought it back and showed me where I could improve it. I learnt a hell of a lot about making from both my Gran and my Nana.


6 You have rubbed shoulders or at least virtually with the good and the great of the art/ craft world. Who do you rate?

I’ve been incredibly lucky to do so! Being a journalists means you can invite people for coffee under the guise of wanting to interview them (even if really you’re just hoping they’ll be your friend). There are so many people doing amazing things, but I definitely rate Sian of Crafty Fox for creating a really great series of markets, as well as a series of talks to help the designers who sell at her fairs. I also admire the drive of Lisa Comfort of Sew Over It (she’s just opened a new space in Islington), the ideas of the Mollie Makes team and Sam Wingate’s ability to bridge the artist/designer-maker gap so well. 


7 Do you do your own crafting in front of the television? What kind of programmes do you like?

I do a little embroidery in front of the TV, but nothing too complicated as I get too distracted. I’m a sucker for US cop shows. NCIS, Law and Order, CSI – I love them all. 


8 Marmite! Love it or hate it?

Hate it. Except on Twiglets. I can handle it in that very minute form.


9You’ve recently been married. Congratulations! Did you actually make or craft anything for your own wedding?

Thank you! When we got engaged I’d just finished the book and I swore there was no way I’d make anything for the wedding. Fast forward 14 months and I was making origami cranes (we had about a 1000), paper flowers (we had hundreds), gold leaves and much, much more. It was a lot of effort, but totally worth it in the end.


10 Share your links (website etc)

There’s more about what I do in Real Life a I (very occasionally) blog at, I tweet at @perrilewis, and share pictures I love at and