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DIY paper bags

1 In order to make your own paper bags you can print the whole sheet of paper first or create the bag and then stamp your design onto it.


2.I used the whole width of the roll of paper but if you want a smaller bag you can cut it down. Put the paper proper side down and fold the lengths of the edges towards the centre but the need to overlap slightly. Run glue stick down the centre back and secure the bottom likewise. Once glued, fold the base up and stick into position.




3. I neatened the top with pinking shears just for added interest, The top can then be folded towards the front or back as you like. Once you have made the fold punch either one or two holes in it. You can then embellish it by threading ribbon through. Which bags do you like best?
I also really like them made with plain kraft paper.

pb3a pb3

Filming With the Amazings

I met Paul, the camera man and Laura from Boho Weddings today. You can tell from the mess on the table Laura and I had plenty to talk about and we came up with loads of colourful, fun ideas to dress the table if you’re a bride who loves boho style. Watch this space. When filming is completed we will run a introductory snippet on this blog!



Diy bridal bouquet

1. Using a selection of cotton lawn, linen, raw silk etc in various shades of cream and ivory I started forming flowers in my hand and then securing with some rather large stitches to anchor the shape.

bouquet 1

2.I used a kitchen whisk as the base!!! It seemed the right shape with a little pulling to round it a bit. I covered all of it in florist tape.

bouquet 2

3. I made a huge selection of the flowers and with my trusty glue gun started to secure them to the whisk. Who’d have thought!!

bouquet 3

4. Here you can see the almost completed whisk.

bouquet 4

5.I used the glue gun again to secure the satin ribbon I wound around the handle.

bouquet 5

6.Here’s a close up of the lovely sentiment ribbon I used for the final bit of trimming….it dangled down from the handle.

bouquet 6

7. And here comes the bride! My lovely daughter. She called her bouquet  ‘my whisk’ all day and she loved it.


Getting married?

I’m so excited about the new Gift Frippery D.I.Y. wedding workshops that I’m about to start. my inspiration was my daughter who lives in Australia but is having a very small family wedding in Gretna Green. She still wants the little creative touches that personalise any wedding and make it special rather than a mass market affair!

So, my workshop will be a hands on approach to dressing the table, creating favours and confetti cones, trimming up the room and wrapping the thank you gifts beautifully.

It’ll will be great fun meeting the bride and whoever she brings…perhaps the hens…the bridesmaids or the Mums?

So whilst it’s all about the personal touches ,it is inevitably the budget saving option too. Win-win!