Swatch Buddies

My most useful new craft tool. Let’s hear it for……..Swatch Buddies!


1.       I’m having a new kitchen fitted this summer. My existing one is now 17 years old and fading  fast. When I say fading….I  mean falling apart. When the swanky new kitchen is installed I won’t be able to leave all my crafting bits and bobs lying around. I will , however, just need a few bits to hand. I decided to upcycle this old Lloyd Loom baby basket my mum used 50 years ago for my brother! Where it used to contain cotton wool, cream, talc etc it will be featuring sticky tape, glue, ribbons and scissors in it’s new life.


2.       I used some lovely French blue chalk style emulsion paint from Craig and Rose at B&Q to paint the outside, two coats. When it had dried for 24 hours, I rubbed Annie Sloan soft wax into all the painted areas.  I didn’t want to paint the inside, I wanted to use some sort of paper.



3.       Off I went to the shops armed with my Swatch Buddies so I could match paint to paper etc. The girls serving me in Hobbycraft LOVED them!


4.       I cut my chosen paper , from Hobbycraft, to fit the base and lids and glued it with PVA. When it was dry I also used a watered down PVA as a seal on the paper. I then set about gently buffing the waxed outside which results in a soft sheen.


4 4a  4b

Swatch Buddies are reusable plastic pieces that fan out. They arrive with stickers on which you can stick material, paper etc. They are small and neat to pop in your bag when shopping. I can see a million applications for Swatch Buddies for anyone who loves crafts, arts, sewing, interiors etc. When I’m using them for gift wrapping purchases there’s plenty of space for ribbons too! I love the fact that you can remove the traces of past projects when you’re  finished.

These Swatch Buddies haven’t hit the shops yet, you heard about them here first!!

Hantex will soon have the list of stockists on the website

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