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Mistletoe, mistletoe, nothing but mistletoe all through the journey to the Alps. The French always seem to kiss a lot…saying hello…saying goodbye…any excuse really it might seem. Clearly, they are natural kissers and don’t require mistletoe to encourage it!


As we arrived snow was falling ,all around us…..just like in the song! It carried on snowing all day , all night and all the next day, resulting in fresh perfect snow. The rest of the week featured blue skies and sunshine.


Before we left Bristol, I’d been reading about pine tea. As those of you who regularly read this blog know, I love foraging. So I went off on a beautiful walk and picked three different types of pine. I made three different teas and sampled them. I definitely preferred it with a tiny bit of honey added and the fine needled pine tasted better in my opinion. if I’m really really honest though, I probably won’t make it again! I might experiment with an invigorating pine bath/ shower though. Watch this space.

4   4a

The next day I hired my skis. It was established a long time ago that I really don’t  ‘do’ height or speed. So downhill skiing is no longer a sensible option. I do cross country or ,as they say in France, ski du fond. The skis are about half the width or normal skis and you ski in narrow tracks which are machine-made. In Austria, where I first learned to cross country ski ,they are really hot on the etiquette. In France ,in general, I’ve found people quite unfussy about small children rolling around and skipping about ON THE TRACKS. And don’t get me started on dogs. They run around the tracks whenever they please. This does make it difficult for the skiers, because the compacted snow collapses and the track no longer exists. On the plus side, it’s a full body workout like no other, and the route will usually take you through woodland and into areas with stunning views. I highly recommend it!

5  5a

It became so sunny and warm by the end of our week that icicles were dropping from the roof into the snow.


I’m sure you’re wondering if I did any crafting? Of course I did.  (Some I can’t reveal yet.) I took my new  pompom makers with me and perfected the art.



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