Product Review for Scotch Tape.

I live and die by double sided tape!
The Scotch D.S. tape is especially good for gift wrapping demonstrations when I need to cut tape quickly to secure paper and I don’t want to fiddle around taking backing tape off. Ideally, I’d like this to be on a monster roll that I can put on a weighted stand.

Scotch Gift Wrap Tape is used like normal tape but the clever thing is it’s made with a satin finish that shows less than normal tape. I hadn’t used this before so was interested to see that the finish is far less glossy. It’s a dream to use if you can’t get along with D.S. tape.

Now for the Scotch Pop Up Tape dispenser. I had never used one of these before. it’s ingenious in it’s design but wearing it takes a bit of getting used to. It’s normal tape and so convenient.

Scotch Magic Tape looks white but is practically invisible when stuck down. It doesn’t turn yellow either! The best thing is you can write on it. So, if you want to label things or add messages, I can see this would work well. I think the crafters among you will come up with all sorts of applications for it.

My only suggestion to @Scotch is that once the selection of reels are on the dispensers and off the cardboard it would be helpful to know, at a glance, which is which!
I know what I’ll do……..I’ll label each dispenser with my Magic Tape!!!!



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