Paper feathers

Choose some brightly coloured wrapping paper (I have also done this with paper from an old book and sheets of music) to create these feathers and use them to trim up a gift. Make them by following the steps below:

1.Two pieces of paper, cut to size. Mine were about 16cm long and 7cm wide. Splosh some PVA onto the reverse side of one of the pieces and lay some paper covered wire on. I’ve also used a piece of garden wire or a pipe cleaner in the past.

photo (12)

2. Smooth the second piece of paper over the top, so that everything you see (on both sides) is lovely brightly coloured paper. Leave to dry for a few hours . I actually left mine overnight.

3. Cut a feather shape when completely dry.

photo (13)

4. Feather down the both sides making small snips.

photo (17)

5.Ruffle up the snipped sides until you’re happy with the effect and shape the leaf by gently  bending the body of it where the wire is inside. on one of my leaves I attached a length of paper covered wire to the stem and created the spirals by winding it around a pencil. Very easy, very pretty!

photo (15)

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