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The lovely Vicky, from NEDay Crafts, was the friendliest and most supportive tweeter I came across when I started out on Twitter , about 18 months ago. So, it’s only right she should feature in my occasional interview series. Vicky has a wealth of experience to share and her great message is to encourage children away from computers and steer them into having fun with creativity instead. Essentially, Vicky and I are both Blue Peter style mums!


vicky lloyd


1.Tea or coffee?

Both as it happens – I love to start and finish the day with a lovely mug of tea, but cant live without my coffee during the day


2.What do you like to do to relax at the end of a busy day?

A lovely relaxing bath, cuddles with my two children and maybe an odd glass of red wine


3.You use social media for your business. Which ones do you prefer?

I am huge Twitter and Pinterest fan – Both equally good for my business and fun too


4.Never work with children and animals we hear. Yet you and your lovely daughter do sometimes …tell us about it.

Haha yes – Although we never work with animals, we do work with lots of children. Ellie and myself love encouraging creativity through workshops and activities and the children love it so much.


5.If you work from home for a whole day how do you keep on track? Do you timetable yourself?

It has taken me several years to get into a proper routine – Lots of discipline is needed when working from home so that you are not drawn too much into social media conversations or emails. Working from home is so beneficial to my business so much prefer it to a “stuffy office space” but I do have to keep a strict timetable. I have a hand painted chalk board on my wall in my craft studio which has my work schedule listed and update it regularly to keep me on track


6.You used to work as a nurse. How do you think creativity would help in a hospital setting?

Creativity is really important in hospitals, although  the NHS cuts have affected this massively over recent years.  Two years ago I was asked to donate some craft supplies to Royal London Hospital as they loved my business , but didn’t have the budgets to buy them. I kindly donated a few crafty things for the childrens ward as I knew it was much needed for the hospital and they were so grateful for that.  Its such a shame that creative resources or needed, but many hospitals have not budgets to pay for them


7. You’re obviously a great fan of creativity in schools, but what about children in their own home.  It seems to me you miss out as a child if you’re parents don’t consider themselves creative.

I am a firm believer that being creative should happen at home as well as school. It doesn’t have to be messy or cost alot of money either. Simple paper making crafts , paper cutting and even colouring  pages  are great for children’s fingers and helps their dexterity


8.Marmite! Love it or hate it?

Yuck I really hate it  (sorry)


 9.What lovely project are you working on at the moment?

Well after a busy summer of activities and workshops, I am currently working on a few children craft designs for clients ,  as well as planning for new craft workshops (Halloween and of course Christmas) . I am already getting bookings for next year too, so things are pretty busy at the minute.

I have also just launched a creative children campaign so hoping to encourage more children to get creative both here in the UK and overseas


10.Share your  links (instagram website etc etc)


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