Natural decorations

How kind am I??? I’ve been thinking of the birds but also, selfishly, I want to look out of my windows and see my trees looking festive! Garlands of gorgeous jewel coloured berries adorning bare trees….fabulous!
So, here we go.

You need cranberries (fresh), a bodkin, a cocktail stick, plain popcorn etc.

Thread the bodkin with wire (mine was paper covered wire) and start threading the cranberries. Space them out to look more garland- like. You could intersperse them with natural nuts (in shells) and plain popcorn.
If your bodkin struggles to go through the nut shells then pierce the shells first with something slightly bigger, like a cocktail stick ,and then the needle will pass through easily.


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  • Reply 23thorns January 3, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    What do you know! “Some” winter garlands are pretty cool too. I’m going to set the kids to work on some tomorrow.

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