Make your own gift wrapping paper

This is as cheap as it comes as far as gift wrapping paper goes!

Cover your area with old newspaper or something as you lol be using water. The cheapest paper is usually blank newsprint paper or the sort you’re fishmonger or butcher might use!

Laying a sheet of this out, I gave it a ‘wash’ of water using a thick brush. Be quite gentle doing this or the water might tear.

Then using a medium size child’s paintbrush and poster paint (oh yes! I’m not to proud to steal from the children!) softly place the brush along the wet paper. As you can see I did mine in stripes which then run into each other. You may find the clean paper starts to dry out. If this happened put another wash of water on before adding more paint colours.

Because the paper is so cheap, you can afford to play around with colour combinations.


Here are some dear little leaf shaped tags I made. (Read the tutorial here)


At the same time I also made some hearts. I wrapped the gift and found some ombré ribbon from my stash which went perfectly. I made two loops around the gift and glue gunned it on the underside. I then embellished with an artificial orchid and the white heart shaped tag.

I was asked to wrap this gift ( chocolates) as a thank you to the staff of a care home. Hope they enjoyed them!


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