Make your own wrapping paper.

This is a lovely craft to be doing pre Christmas. I bought my rollers about a year ago having read an article about a lady called Clare Bosanquet. She visited Romania and happened upon the paint rollers in a market. The rollers had been used for over a hundred years in Romania to print on wall as well as fabric. She bought ALL of them and had them recreated. I’ve bought quite a few different designs and find printing wrapping paper almost addictive! I an now offering a print your own wrapping paper workshop alongside the others.

1.I am using normal matt emulsion paint (in primrose in this case) and loading the sponge which in turn will coat the roller with the design on.

2. Roll carefully all the way along your paper.I am using brown Kraft paper.

3Here is a close up of the pattern…fir trees and reindeer. I think it would look even lovelier in white paint on brown.

4. This is another pattern which features birds. It was just drying on the back of a chair!


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