What to make with leftover wallpaper.

It occurred to me that I may not be the only person in the world with bits of leftover wallpaper hoarded away. Maybe it’s a back up in case of an emergency fix in a newly decorated room, or perhaps it’s from your sample selection before you made your final choice.

I decided to dig out some of mine and craft a few things. I was also sent some from ‘Off The Wall’ (more of them later.)

You could also look back to previous blog posts’ DIY paper bags’ on this site or indeed the ‘Make and Do Envelopes with Gift Frippery’ on the Laura Ashley blog.

I made a zig zag book!

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I know a lot of other crafters who do these. It’s fairly obvious how to and very simple to do. Tou can choose how many pages you want to include and that will probably depend on what you’re going to use it for. They would be perfect for photographs, sketches, recipes etc. Don’t feel you have to have each cover matching either. As you can see I used two patterns from ‘Off the Wall.’ It’s a wallpaper boutique! Yes, (shriek!!) a BOUTIQUE! They only sell paper from independent UK designers and we love supporting those type of businesses ,right? They sell this paper BY THE METRE!! Yes, I know I’m shouting at you but I don’t want you to miss that bit, it’s really good for crafters and upcycling projects. I’ve certainly never heard of this before but it’s great if you love unusual ,good quality paper but don’t want a whole roll.


I made wallpaper bunting!

4   5

I’m in a temporary kitchen as my Twitter followers know. I was thinking about my lighting options when my thoughts went off at a tangent. I drew some old style lampshades, cut them out and made them double sided. You’ll see lots of different brands of wallpaper in this mixture.

I made  Wallpaper Cones.


Roll  some wallpaper into a cone shape and voila! you have a receptacle for a gift. I turned the top down to close it and sealed it with a fabric butterfly. This wallpaper is from ‘Off the Wall’ once again. They have such gorgeous subtle shades. Instructions for making a cone are in the video which I’ve made on the home page. Ideas for decorating cones are coming soon.

I’ve made teeny tiny  envelopes!


Last, but not least, I made tiny envelope shapes but left the top piece flat. The other three corners fold into a central point. These three points should then have a hole punched in each of them. Thread some ribbon through them and tie in a bow and decorate with artificial flowers and leaves. Simple ,but perfect on a card or as a present topper.

Off The Wall have a challenge for crafters running through March and April. Follow them on Twitter (and me) and tag your teets with #OneMetreChallenge. The details are HERE

They call it a celebration of creativity…..so why not join in the fun?


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