Make Your Own Butter

I have no kitchen at the moment. We’re knocking down walls, ceilings and taking up floors to make a wonderful new space. In time, it will perfect to hold small workshops in. I’m so excited! In the meantime, I can’t cook. I have created a temporary kitchen in a room which has a sink. All I have is a kettle, a slow cooker and a microwave. I didn’t appreciate the fact that some days I’m completely without electricity!

Its been a bit of an education as I hate microwaves. I’ve never spent anytime in the ready meal aisle of my supermarket. I really had no idea that you could buy rice ,in a pouch, that you can ‘ping’ for a few seconds and it’s done. Who knew? Certainly not me!

I imagine all this non-cooking is perhaps what brought butter making to mind. It’s so easy, you should try it!

As a gift (oh yes, there’s obviously a link to gift wrapping) it’s been incredibly well received. Probably more well received than the wine we’ve also taken to friends. Everyone is intrigued and wants to know how to do it, so I’m going to share the details with you.


1. Buy any tubs of double cream.Use a bowl that is MUCH bigger than the quantity of cream.


2. I used a hand held electric whisk but some of you may have flashier appliances. Whisk until it becomes stiff.


3. Continue whisking. Whilst it is in fact damp and creamy, it appears like dry scrambled egg! Suddenly ‘water’ starts splattering out of it. This is actually the whey/ buttermilk . I shielded the wall from the splattering with a clean tea towel.


4. Tip the contents of the bowl onto a sieve lined in muslin. Most of the liquid will run out. Then rinse your butter under the cold water tap until the water runs clear and this means all the whey has rinsed off. By rinsing it means your butter will last up to a week instead of 24 hours. Gather the ends of the muslin together and squeeze…….more water will come out and the butter will form a lump.


5.Hey presto! You have butter. Shape it however you like. I rolled mine into a sausage and cut thick slices. Each slice was wrapped very simply in grease proof paper and tied with bakers twine. I think it would also be lovely to tuck a piece of Rosemary under the twine.

5 5a 5b


i have since been experimenting with flavours. Herbs, chilli etc. Once wrapped, this butter freezes reall well. So I popped it all in the freezer and just take it out to give people as and when.

i honestly urge you to give this a go. Everyone thinks it’s such an unusual gift and they really appreciate it.

What do you make? Have you got a very simple gift idea that has been very well received?

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