Lauren Laverne learns to gift wrap!



I know it seems highly unlikely that Lauren Laverne and I would ever meet. But amazingly, that is exactly what happened before Christmas.

For those of you who don’t know her, here it is in a nutshell. She is a radio DJ, a television presenter, an author, a singer …..

Shes very beautiful, young, intelligent and has a lovely sense of humour. By this alone, she made both my sons think I was the coolest mum EVER! (For a short period of time)

American Express had commissionened a PR company,in London, to create short videos of the ten most interesting activities to do before Christmas. I was delighted they had asked me to be one of those activities. The videos were then pitched to a number of broadsheets. Friends told me they’ve since seen it in the Guardian and the Independent newspapers.

Number 1 son insisted on driving me to the appointed hotel and number 2 met us there to assist with bags (allegedly). Lauren gave them her time and chatted freely, she’s very natural and ordinary. The boys were quietly thrilled! Although it was winter time, the PR company had dressed the room to look like Christmas. It was a smallish room in a Dickensian hotel and we had a roaring fire. On top of this we had lots of lighting, a camera crew, the PR girls, Lauren and myself. It was BOILING in there!

At first I simply had packed what I’d been told to pack. Then the last minute information started getting emailed to me. No logos on anything etc, no branding on show. So, I repacked. Then I had 48 hours to mull it over. I packed what the PR people had requested and a lot of other stuff that I thought would look bright, colourful and fun on the footage. More than anything I wanted to tempt Lauren to be genuinely intrigued by something I’d brought along. I’m so glad I went with my instinct because that’s what we went with on the day too!

The crew filmed a relaxed chat between Lauren and I, whilst she was learning to make a felt bow. I say really natural, but we had been asked not to use the word ‘Christmas’ and we were having to pepper our conversation with all the alternatives, which of course is not quite so natural when Christmas is part of your culture and it did make me laugh a few times.

I feel really lucky to have had the experience and hopefully that won’t be the last one!

Watch The Video Here



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