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As you live in a hot climate can I suggest indoor decorations. A kitchen wreath not only smells wonderfully aromatic ,it’s also very easy to make.

Bend some twigs into a circle and secure with fine wire. Layer some garden greenery onto it quite thickly and secure with wire. I then attached small bunches of fresh herbs…bay, thyme ,rosemary etc. I attached them with red and white ribbon. I made my own mulled wine sachets (I’ll detail this in a future post.) They were in white muslin and tied with red ribbon. This is a great decorative item to hang in your kitchen a few days before Christmas,but  to be sure it won’t dry out too quickly you could give a little spritz of water.

Another simple idea along similar lines is to bunch greenery from your garden and hang it from a door knob with festive ribbons.

I have in the past got a cheap box of very red apples. I’ve positioned them all over the earth in the pots ,by my front door, that contain small bay trees. It looks fabulous and makes you feel cheery. Gradually the birds discover it, as I planned, and start eating the apples. It’s a win win situation!

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