I earned my Brownie knitting badge!

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And Yes, I did earn my Brownie sewing badge. It was quite an achievement for me. My mother and sister are both excellent at sewing. At this time we were living in Singapore and they used to go to pattern making classes and sewing classes etc. me? Well I was was still earning Brownie badges. Last year my Mum gave me the above rainbow coloured binka sewing and the brightly two toned pot holder which I’d made. I was shocked that she’d kept it all that time. Maybe she had a hunch that sewing wouldn’t be my favourite thing in life.

Actually, I don’t mind a bit of hand sewing as long as I can freestyle. I cannot bear to follow patterns EVER!!

So when #craftblogclub came up with this idea to share our first crafts I knew these examples were definitely among the first. With the knitting I liked to make my Sindy doll things but always did it secretly. Reason? My mum would try and guide me to do it correctly and because she was so exacting and clever…… it actually put me off.

I can’t wait to read everyone else’s blog post about their early crafts!


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