How to wrap a soft gift in B&Q wallpaper!

You can’t get much softer than a silk scarf. However that is the gift I’ve chosen for a friend. The scarf is folded and then wrapped in tissue. I decided to fashion an ‘envelope’ from wallpaper. This is again particularly nice one with birds on, from B&Q. Keeping with the natural rustic bird  on a twig theme I used raffia rather than ribbon to create the bow.

Finally ..the tag. It’s a plain brown luggage tag. I cut out some twigs and a flower and a bird from the spare wallpaper and arranged it on the tag. I used Pritt stick to keep it in place. I finished off by using a few of the tiniest artificial  orange flowers from a much bigger pom pom type of flower. I glue gunned them on top of the wallpaper flower on the tag for a rather special 3D effect.

I rather love it. My inspiration?????

The mess on my craft room table!


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