How to make mulled wine sachets

Every year I make mulled wine sachets. It’s a lovely pre-Christmas tradition for me. I usually make plenty so I have a few to give away in cellophane gift bags (lovely hostess/host gift) , a few to tie onto a bottles  of red wine with the recipe (great last minute gift) and some for me to actually use myself with three left over to attach to my kitchen wreath!

So, how do I make it? I’ve used the same recipe for a very long time and I’m not entirely sure where it came from.

Put the following in a bowl:splintered cinnamon sticks, juniper berries ,cardomon pods, dried orange zest. Mix it all together.

I put one teaspoonful of the mixture onto squares of muslin. Scoop the muslin up into a swoosh and tie with kitchen string.

Write the recipe and either roll it into a little scroll with a red ribbon around it or use a luggage tag.

1 mulled wine sachet

juice of an orange

2 bottles of red wine

water (to taste!)

2 teaspoonfuls white sugar

Some people add brandy etc but I don’t. Heat through gently and do not let it boil. I actually use my slow cooker to make mulled wine…it’s always hot whatever time people arrive, and the whole house smells Christmassy and welcoming. Enjoy!

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