Handmade rosettes with Gift Frippery

I love rosettes. Maybe it’s an association with winning something as a child perhaps? Who knows? They also strike me as rather 1950’s. So, I wanted to revisit that when I wrapped a friend’s 21st birthday present. I like to use them instead of a bow for a change, and this particular young lady loves things with a vintage Cath Kidston feel to them.

So here we go…

1. Take some pretty flowery paper and cut a few circles and then repeat this using plain white card. I used an egg cup as my template.

2. Cut across a roll of crepe paper so you have a very long strip about 6 centimetres wide. Fold the strip in half so that it is still 6 cms but half the length. On this double layer , keeping the edges neatly together, do running stitch all the way along one side only. Gather gently to create a ruffle.

3.Form the ruffle into a circle and stick (I used Pritt stick) one of the pieces of card over the centre. This should keep the ruffle in position. Turn it over, and fix some brightly coloured tape on so that it hangs down to the required length. Clash your colours to keep the 1950’s vibe. (i thought tape rather than ribbon looked funkier) Next, stick another circle of card over the centre of your rosette. Over this piece of card you’ll stick your flowery circle.

4. Gradually, and gently, work your way around the ruffle slightly seperating the two layers of the ruffle so it looks even more like a ballerina’s tutu.

5. Well, if you’ve managed it once…do a few more! Then you’ll have a stash for future gifts or blank cards. This is, after all, a very inexpensive trimming and a great way to use up scraps from beautiful paper.


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