I’ve never really ‘done’ Hallowe’en always considering it a very American thing. Since joining #craftblogclub on Twitter on Tuesday evenings, I’ve had to embrace it!
Each month we are given a challenge ,by Emma, our lovely host. This month we had to learn a new craft and have a Hallowe’en theme.
I dreaded it because to me, everything you see along Hallwe’en lines (in shops etc) tends to be really cheap and tacky. There’s a good reason for it, of course, it only needs to last one night.
So, without much thought I used a florist ring and created a cobweb using jewellery wire . It’s straightforward and took less than an hour and yet it almost looks like jewellery/sculpture. I’m really happy with it actually. In fact, I don’t even have it now it’s already gone to a huge admirer (not of me obviously…of the cobweb!!!)




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  • Reply Icy Sedgwick October 29, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    That’s genuinely beautiful!

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