Gift Wrapping in fast speed on Made In Bristol TV!!

I know, it was like magic when I saw how quickly I wrapped that bottle!!

Of course, it wasn’t really really magic, but that’s the wonder of fast forward isn’t it? I quite see myself as Julie Andrews in the tidy the bedroom scene, clicking her fingers and getting the job done. Having spruced up and tidied the kitchen where the filming was taking place, I decided to put a couple of Christmassy bits around the room. At 10 am the camera man arrived and set up the lights and camera. I talked Jamie (the presenter) through the plan of action and he explained how and what would work well on camera. I wasn’t too daunted as I have done a little TV and radio work before. In fact I really enjoyed myself.

photo 1


The filming probably took about two hours. Luckily Id made mince pies the day before. Id forgotten how hungry young men can be!

Jamie brought along a jumper, a football and a bottle. None of these were actual Christmas presents which was a shame. He was a fast learner though so I have no doubt he will recreating some of the wrapping. I taught Jamie to use the glue gun. I know its not exactly rocket science but what impressed me was he was so clean with it. Half the people who use the glue guns at workshops get glue all over the place.

photo2 photo3

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