Gift Wrapping Idea

My friend Jane chose the tiniest piece of jewellery as a birthday present the other day. This is how I’ve wrapped it. a very simple but pretty way of wrapping something tiny.

1. Take a cardboard tube and if need be cut it down a bit, to size. select some beautiful paper…this is great for using up gorgeous odds and ends of paper that you couldn’t bring yourself to throw away. Cut the paper to size.

photo (23)

2.Line the pater up carefully, put the glue on (I used Pritt stick)  and start rolling the tube along the length of the wrapping paper. Leave to dry.

photo (24)

3.Gently press the of the tube inwards so they meet in the middle. This isn’t as difficult as it looks. This creates a closure to your tube and needs to be done at each end.

photo (25)



photo (26)

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