Gift wrapping with fabric

As you know I love paper. I REALLY love paper!

However, at my workshops, I’m often asked about wrapping with fabric. Sometimes I do wrap in fabric but I wrap with instinct rather than a system. I then embellish, of course. Around Christmas, gifts can look pretty amazing in a three-wise-men sort of way. Wrapped in fabric and adorned with ornaments.

Wrapping gifts in fabric probably started in Japan. The Japanese love the ceremony and the giving and receiving of gifts. For them, there are rules which apply for different items. So, the wrapping of money, for instance, would be different to the wrapping of a kimono or incense. The style of wrapping would vary according to the occasion as well. What is more, the relationship between giver and receiver and the season must all be taken into consideration.

They say, just as you would help a friend into their coat carefully so a gift should be wrapped tenderly. How lovely is that?

If all that sounds complicated there are companies nowadays who make wrapping in fabric a whole lot easier, for example Wrag Wrap, who are based in Devon.

They discovered that an astonishing 8000 tonnes of Christmas wrapping paper is thrown away each year. So they created a wrapping  system, which I was very interested to see. It can be used over and over again, and their fabric is modern and fresh. So if you don’t feel like sewing the edges on a mountain of fabrics this could be your answer…

1.Wrag Wrap’s Crackle Wrap works like paper and sounds like it too!



2. The Stretch Wrap is very cleverly designed for odd and difficult shapes.


3. There are also gift bags and bottle bags.


Do look on their website to read about Festi-Wraps. I love the idea of these as they have been re-purposed from discarded tents left behind after the summer 2013 music festivals of Glastonbury and Latitude…… cool is that?

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