Gift Frippery handmade linen ribbon

I’ve been meaning to this experiment with this linen for a long time……and at the weekend I did!
A few years ago I picked up some vintage linen sheets from a French market. I’d been hoarding them until recently knowing some craft project or the other would spring to mind.

I tore the linen into strips along the length of the sheet making the ribbons, therefore, as long as possible. At this point I needed to fray the edges a bit to help get the vintage look

Then came the colouring/ dyeing. Some I left natural, some I dyed in tea, and some (much to SOMEONE’S HORROR) in red wine! I also had an interesting effect using chopped up hyacinth flowers. The colour in the water when the flowers are warmed in it is very very pale until you add some lemon juice.I added salt to fix the colour.
I rinsed them through very quickly and left them to dry.
The following day, I pulled off any extra loose threads and started my printing. Here’s the various sentiments I tried

Cleanse tone moisturise
rose lily violet
happily ever after

and then for homemade foodie gifts

salt and pepper
bake boil roast coddle poach

etc etc
FYI…I left the linen strips in the dye for varying lengths of time, some of them overnight. It all depends on the depth of colour you want. I didn’t want mine too dark because I was rubber stamping the words on plus I wanted a faded vintage look.
I’d love to hear any suggestions from you ………Image

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