Gift Frippery and the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration

Last night was great fun. i had been asked to do a Gift Frippery demonstration for Chew Stoke W.I. ( a ladies group) As it was very near the Queen’s Jubilee they had that as their theme for the evening.
One lady, Val, had decorated the hall with bunting (which she had made!) although you’d expect nothing less from a W.I. member….I’m sure you’ve all seen ‘Calendar Girls’. Whilst they held the business part of the evening, we were served sparkling wine and served some food with a British flavour. Cucumber sandwiches, scotch eggs etc.
All attendees had been asked to wear a posh frock and tiara. And EVERY SINGLE PERSON DID! Unbeknown to them, I’d been asked to choose my favourite to win a prize so I was scanning the room from the off.
Then it was time for me to do some gift wrapping for them. I loved the fact that when I did my ‘crossover wrap’ a lady at the front recreated it with her napkin( union jack pattern of course) so that she wouldn’t forget how to do it when she got home!!!

So down to the nitty gritty. Who won and why.

I liked Penny, who had MADE her tiara (a lady after my own heart) and it had various pictures of the Queen featured on the front of it.

I also liked Val, who was highly co ordinated in a black and pink ankle length dress, with a pink wrap. She topped this off with a tiara which she had customised with a pink heart (although she later told me it was to cover up a 21 that was on it!)

The winner though had slipped into the room quietly and regally. She was very graceful and modest. She had a small tiara (probably real diamonds!!) BUT the one thing that made her stand out from anyone else was that she’d created a cross body sash. I wouldn’t have thought of doing that…and clearly no one else did either. She was also astonished to have won… true royalty would be of course.

So my winner for the evening was Sheila!

So if you fancy a creative group I can heartily recommend the Chew Stoke W.I.

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