Where do you get your inspiration?

I decided to write this post, because I get asked this question all the time.

An immediate response would be ‘I don’t really  know.’

I’ve given it some thought though and obviously a lot of ideas are not completely original because something you’ve seen in a magazine, Pinterest etc has triggered the thought process. This is not necessarily a conscious thing either. I’ve worked out I am completely drawn in by colour. That is the main thing for me.

Whilst I am naturally a ‘cool’ colour person (pink, lilac, blue, etc) sometimes I gift wrap in earthy shades if I know the recipient will love ‘warm’ tones( mustard, nutmeg, stone, orange.) It’s a challenge. If in doubt or if I want a fresh idea, I look to nature.

As I write this ,my garden is just leaving summer’s last blooms behind, about to shrug off those leaves and brighten up with berries and frost, cobwebs and earth. That last sentence is full of colours! If nature put to shades or colours together then I know it will work in my gift wrapping or embellishments and fripperies.

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