Filming Gift Frippery!

Well, it had to happen (only joking of course) but I was needed for filming!

At one of my Christmas workshops I met a lovely young lady called Claire. She had caught two buses across town in order to get to the workshop on spectacularly cold and wintry day.
Claire is in her final year at the University of the West of England, studying Journalism.
Recently she asked me if a Gift Frippery workshop could feature in her final project. Claire and her friend Rachel have joined forces to produce a ‘news story’. In this instance with an angle towards half term and Easter activities. They will cover TV and online. The different activities may cater for children or adults, might be new hobbies or courses etc.
I’m part of their TV section. They’re presenting three activities , one is Gift Frippery, because it’s different and can be done in any weather. It’s also good for lots of ages and is very visual and therefore should make for interesting TV.

I hope our afternoon filming has given the girls plenty to edit and work on. We did two wraps, one was vintage looking and the other had a spring theme.
Just wanted to share this with you first and of course, watch out for the little film when I get it, it will go straight on the blog.

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