Embroidery on hoops

1. Over the past few years when driving through France I’ve been aware that their huge electricity pylons which march across the land resemble either cats or dogs! Have you ever noticed it? You will do now. Each year I’ve tried to take a few photographs with varying degrees of success.

em1a em1

2. As followers will know , my lovely bestie, Anne, and I always have a holiday project. So, this year we embroidered the pylons onto hoops. It was a bit of a wacky idea. I used 100 year old French linen sheets. Luckily I had the www.macgilvarywhite.com artists visiting this year so they kindly drew the images for me. Do visit their website and be ahead of the game…these artists WILL make it I’m sure.

em2 em2a

3. The actual stitching was simple enough, we just followed the lines, making long or short stitches where we saw fit. Although Anne and I probably were stitching and enjoying the local wine at the same time, all seems to have turned out well!


4.I still need to trim them, but they will remain in their hoops. It seems an obvious frame. My plan is to hang them together in a large group on a wall in my little French village house (currently a renovation project) Follow me on pinterest or instagram to see what will probably be our slow progress!


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