Easter Wrapping with Duck Tape

So,  you’ve bought a few Easter eggs to sprinkle around but on Easter Sunday when the family are around you’d like it to look as though you’d gone the extra mile and put your creative head on!

1.Fair enough! I’m here to save the day. I’ve been playing with Duck Tape. More specifically, the Ducklings range. Preppy Plaid, Pink, Chrome, High Impact, MOD Dot, Green and Cool Cheetah.


It was stickier than I ever thought possible! And my first thought had been to weave with it. A flash of inspiration made this possible. I’d recently been to my local pound shop and bought a few of those non- stick baking sheets and they worked like a dream.

2 I started by laying the chosen design (how very Missoni) side by side onto the baking sheet.


3 Gradually, by pulling up every other strip I was able to sly a bright green strip across. Lay the strips back down and pull the others up etc. this would have been completely impossible without the baking sheet, such is the strength of Duck Tape.


4 Eventually, with the weave completed, I lifted the whole taped area up and laid it on a sheet of paper.

4     4a

5 I rolled this into a cone shape and filled it with shredded paper and coloured Easter eggs. It’s a funky look and great for those who have really grown out of Easter eggs but still love them (18-99 year olds!)


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