Easter Nest


1. I used one of my many small Chinese bowls as my mould for this project, covering it in cling wrap before I started. This protects the bowl and makes it easier to remove.

2. Using slightly watered down PVA glue, I started the distinctly messy attempt of putting MDF shavings onto the bowl and left it overnight to dry.


3. I gradually built up the layers. It’s wise to raise the bowl up so that it doesn’t stick to the newspaper.



4. When it’s feeling pretty dry to the touch, gently remove the bowl. Mine took a bit of encouragement! Leave cling and wrap in place for a bit longer though until the bowl has almost dried out on the inside.



5. Finally, I removed all the cling wrap and popped a mini doily in the nest , trailing a few pieces of vintage style lace in it and filled it up with foil covered mini chocolate eggs. I’m spending Easter weekend with my best friend ,Anne, and thought this would be a sweet surprise for her on Easter Sunday. You might be wondering where to get MDF shavings. I was actually having new wardrobes built and rescued some before the carpenter cleared up. This might be an expensive way to get MDF shavings so you could use shredded paper or card instead.


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