Easter Cake Box

1.       People are always asking me where I get my inspiration from. In this instance I was waiting to pay at the supermarket checkout! My eyes happened upon a picture of a chocolate cake! When I got back home ,this is what happened next…….


2.       I used an old Turkish Delight box, left over from Christmas. You could paint it, but I just covered it in dark cardboard to cover the writing.

2      2a

3.       Wielding my glue gun, I began ruching /gluing with brown ribbon around the outer edge of the lid. As I worked my way to the centre, I tried looping the ribbon more randomly which gave the inner section a bit more height. (if I were to do this project again ,I would use a mixture of sheer and satin ribbon on the top)

3    3a

4.       Around the side of the lower box, I put brown ribbon and overlayed it with a lighter one. Luckily, I happened to have some which had  ‘chocolat’ printed on it, which was perfect.


5.       I filled the box with wood shavings and popped foil covered eggs in it.

5   5a

6.       Voila! Here’s the finished gift for my Mum at Easter. Ironically it was my Mum who gave me the empty box in the first place saying ‘ I’m sure you’ll think of something to do with this’. Wonder if she’ll recognise it! You could use camembert boxes etc


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