Do you own a lot of shoes?

Do You Own Lots of Shoes?

In my case, the answer would have to be YES!

So when a conversation between myself (@GiftFrippery)  and @fizzijayne developed on Twitter about a new #craftblogclub challenge, shoes sprung to mind!

Goodness only knows why I get these crazy ideas but that night all the #craftblogclub members started tweeting about how to upcycle old shoes. In fact, because we have so many skills between us @fizzijayne decided to extend the summer challenge to upcycling something from your wardrobe.

I felt I must upcycle a shoe! Obviously!!!! So, I hunted under the bed and along the wardrobe floor but decided I like all my shoes too much, and therefore ended up at my local charity shop to buy some! The assistants in the shop were really helpful but quite bewildered when I told them that the shoe didn’t have to fit and the colour didn’t matter. In the end I had to explain my plan to them ! Eventually, we decided that this large sized, leather clog type of shoe might work.


I made a pattern of the top of the shoe using paper before cutting this pretty summery fabric to fit.  I glue gunned it into position.

           5   3

Next I glue gunned some colourful buttons (from the Gift Frippery stash) down the front of the shoe.

The final part of this project was to line the shoe with a sandwich bag, filled with earth and plant it with succulents. I had an aloe Vera so used that. Obscure an plastic and earth with pebbles. These also help support the plant and VOILA!!!!!


A very special thank you to the ladies at St Peters Hospice charity shop on North View, Bristol.

They are so cheerful and helpful and they decorate the shop beautifully.


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