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Back in November 2014, at our usual Twitter meeting of #craftblogclub on a Tuesday evening, someone suggested doing a secret Santa gift as we had done the previous year. I’m sure we all signed up immediately! We are all creators and makers. Many of us don’t sell anything we just enjoy creating. I have to say the original ethos of #craftblogclub was not to advertise your business. It’s evolved into a really sociable, mature-minded, caring environment. I’m not able to ‘attend’ every week and some weeks are much quieter than others but it never matters. They’re a lovely bunch of ladies….. Yes so far, I believe, there’s no men.

So, I don’t really knit or sew or illustrate so I got to work hand printing some wrapping paper for the lovely @kay_o

I think she loved it ,her write up over on kaygetscrafty.wordpress.com. Is wonderful.

i was really delighted to receive my #secret Santa gift from @IcySedgewick. You can read about the details on her blog (Dec 30) www.icysedgwick.com I was really excited to receive a gift from her because I’m always seeing pictures of her knitting on Twitter. She’s one clever lady! I can’t knit, so to have someone knit me a gift was very special indeed. Those of you who know me will also see that the colours are amongst my favourites too.

When did I open it? I lasted all the way to Christmas Eve and then treated myself. Have I worn them yet? You betcha!,,,


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