Corporate Gift Wrapping


Corporate Gift Wrapping.


A small company in Bristol that make the most incredible and beautiful cakes, approached me to do some gift wrapping for them ( ) Do take the time to visit Halima’s website but prepare to be amazed.


I jumped at the chance to get involved. She had taken orders for 12 small basket-style hampers of freshly baked goodies. Being freshly baked translated into last minute wrapping for me. I used Halima’s colours of red and white.


When you wrap hampers of any sort ,not only must it look visually right the basket must be weighted. You can’t have all the heavy goods on one side. So ,the positioning took a while, then I had to wedge the goods in place with shredded paper. I used a cherry red rather than the duller more traditional Christmas red. Each basket was pleated up with cellophane and adorned with the red checked  bow. The finishing touch was a white, snowflake shaped cookie cutter which was tied below each bow.


The final thing each time, was Halima’s business card (gorgeous pictures of cakes on) which had the name of the recipients written on the back. The disappointing thing was Halima had punched a hole already and every single card (and therefore picture of cake) was upside down! I don’t expect anyone else noticed but next year ………


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