Bring Your Children’s Picture to Life!

Wouldn’t it be great I’d this actually could really come true? 

Of course it can’t but I’ve experimented with the next best thing.

1. I asked my friend to get her children drawing characters /people. So, Marnie (aged 4) and Fraser (aged 2) came up with these drawings. I instantly thought Marnies was very cute and Fraser’s was a challenge!


2 I drew the basic shape onto a double layer of felt to give it some body and then planned the details. Because felt clings, it’s easy to position and reposition the individual eyes etc. it would have been easy to cut the buttons, on Marnie’s character perfectly but I didn’t, I really had to remind myself to keep as near as possible to what the had drawn.

2 2a  2b

3. After the planning and positioning stage, you could either glue the pieces or sew the pieces on. I was experimenting when I did this ,so I glued. Plus, I had a deadline!!!! This was a #craftblogclub challenge to learn or try a new skill.

3  3a

When I posted the characters to the children I included their original drawings, so they could be reminded of them. This is what their Mum said about their reaction:

” They were so excited to receive their packages in the post. They couldn’t quite believe that their drawings had come to life. They both struggled to understand how it had happened!”



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