Acorns! Autumn! Winter!

That title made it sound like I was keen for autumn/winter to arrive….let’s put that straight…I’M NOT!
I love spring when everything is bursting forth and I love summer, my favourite season. Usually I get quite depressed when autumn rears it’s head, but this year the leaves are turning colour as the United Kingdom is basking in temperatures of 25 degrees C and the skies are blue. So I’ve been out enjoying the sun , walking and collecting acorn cups but resisting conkers for the children to discover.

1. I collected some acorn cups in France this year and then more recently some in England. They do seem quite different….the French ones are smoother…what can I say??

2. My favourites are the ones where there are a few on a tiny branch. They are very sweet. I found quite a few of these in Bristol after a night of high winds. I stripped the leaves off very carefully and left them spread out to dry on a sunny window sill.


3. Using my glue gun, I stuck a very small amount of natural sheep’s wool to the inside of the acorn cup. You don’t need much at all. I used shades of red and orange. Then I needle-felted it in. This takes a while but is really, really simple. I watched a U tube video. Needle it gradually into an acorn shape.
I’m a COMPLETE beginner and if I can do this ….you can!

photo3 photo3a

4.I found this was a great sit-in-front-of-the-television activity to do. As fast as I’ve made them, I’ve been adorning gifts with them!
Collect them now and they’ll be ready for autumn/winter gifts.


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