About Gift Frippery

The word ‘minimalist’ doesn’t exist in my vocabulary. Even my children having inherited my collecting gene. They have collections of Eiffel towers, perfume bottles, mobile phones, china figurines and vintage French hats. Even my husband has finally given up and joined in. He likes old French bottle openers.

Me? I can’t walk along a beach without picking up driftwood, shells or more recently, seaweed. In the country, it would seem silly to leave a perfect pinecone behind when I know it will come in handy at some point. There’s also a beauty in these simple things.

After years as a primary school teacher and part time radio presenter, I have put my own unique twist on gift wrapping with my love of collecting often coming into play with the fripperies.

I’m shocked at how much can be spent on gift wrap and all the matchy –matchy tags, bows, ribbons etc. But I’m also a big believer in making an effort with the wrapping and thinking creatively, because, regardless of what the present is the anticipation is delicious!

"I honestly can’t think of anything to make this 6 week course any better. It was amazing!! Thank you Amanda"